Wow, two nights in a row of great sports stuff. I'm not a huuuuuuge sports fan, but I love baseball and college football. Last night's Tennessee come from behind win coupled with tonight's division clinch makes for a happy, happy Pierce.

That's not me in the photo, by the way. I wish it were.


1031 said...

They got lucky and you know it. I mean, c'mon, St. Louis clinched their division a week and a half ago. ;)

See ya in the playoffs.

Pierce said...

Sure, but half the teams in your division are below .500! If we played in such an easy division, we'd have clinched in August.

I just wish the Phils could pull off the wild card. I'd much rather face the Pads in the first round than Houston.

1031 said...

I'm pulling for the Phillies, too. I'd like to get at least one new team in the playoffs, instead of the Astros, who have never won a postseason series.

Hopefully, Chris Carpenter will do his part tonight and pitch a complete game shutout of the 'stros, thus cementing his Cy Young credentials and righting the Cardinals' boat. They've been playing like crap ever since they clinched. I think maybe they won the devision too soon.

Pierce said...

Don't forget, the 'stros finally won a division series last year. Against us. In our house, dammit.

Clinching early can be a problem. I've seen Braves team in the past clich with a month to go and just fall apart. No pressure, I suppose. I wouldn't worry too much about the first round - looks like you guys will get to take care of the Padres.

1031 said...

How 'bout those games last night? The Astros still may not make it if they continue to choke against the Cubbies. Brad Lidge giving up a couple of runs off four hits in the ninth? Crazy.

And yeah, I totally forgot about last year's playoffs. I didn't get to watch much baseball last season, since I was out in L.A. without cable or satellite. All's I remember is getting swept out of the World Series. :(

And I'm kinda worried about playing San Diego. I sure don't want my team to have to face Jake Peavy twice in a five game series, especially with the way Carpenter was pitching his last few starts.