1031 said...

I got a buddy who's a huge Tennessee fan. Last score of the game I saw before this morning had LSU up, like, 24-7 or something. I thought it was over and he was gonna be depressed again. That's a helluva comeback.

Do you think the Vols felt bad (or should have felt bad) about winning? You know, because the game was against LSU, in LA, and there was that hurricane and all. I mean, shouldn't they have just rolled over and died to give the people of Louisiana something to feel good about?

Pierce said...

You know, I was thinking about that this morning. LSU obviously had the momentum in the first half, not to mention having pretty much everyone in the country not wearing orange cheering for them. After the game, when asked what he did at halftime, Fulmer said "There wasn't any panic. We challenged each other." I thought about what Fulmer could've told the team going into the second half. I wonder if we referenced Katrina and Rita at all or if he was (as I suspect) all business.

My thoughts are that LSU and their fans don't deserve a victory just for suiting up. They definitely deserve respect and admiration for overcoming a terrible situation. They deserve support in their time of need. But a victory? Rolling over would be disrespectful. It would be saying, "we know you've had it hard so we're gonna just let you have this one, OK?" Instead, Tennessee did what it was supposed to do: come out in the second half and play an inspired game, challenging LSU to really fight for the win. If LSU had pulled it out in overtime (or stopped our last regulation drive for the tying FG), think of how joyous they'd be. Not only overcoming the devastation, but holding on to a hard fought win over another top ten team. As it is, they can certainly be proud of their effort. It was a hell of a game.